Fern Vintage Botanical Print Set Diptych Art Printables


I love vintage botanical art, especially ferns. These elegant plants were a popular subject for English naturalists in the 19th-century. I'm not sure why men and a few women in the 1800s traipsed around the globe drawing ferns for science, but we should all be glad they did.

Of course, the science part is great, but for those of us who just want our walls to look pretty, the fern illustrations these intrepid naturalists left behind make for lovely wall decor that works for both modern and traditional home interiors. You could grab a sketchbook and head out to the woods behind your house and make your own fern art (I'll never discourage getting out in nature and making art), but why risk scratchy thorns and mosquito bites when you can have it right now?

Available sizes:

  • 1 zip file containing U.S. sizes: 8 x 10 inch JPEG and PDF files, with and without trim guides, 8.5 x 11 inch JPEG and PDF files, and 12 x 16 inch JPEG files.
  • 1 zip file containg A4 JPEG and PDF files.

Download an 8 x 10-inch diptych set or A4 international paper size set in seconds, print them, pop them in a frame and put your feet up. Or not. You can also have your favorite printer do it for you.

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