Swallowtail Butterfly Wall Art Printable Large & Small Sizes


Pale blue Swallowtail butterfly on a creamy aged board with text:

Iphiclides podalirius (Scarce Swallowtail).

This is a modern piece with a nod to the work of 19th-century naturalist illustrations. Hang this in a room with neutral decor, or in a gallery wall of black, white, and pastel prints and photos.

Available sizes:

  • 1 zip file containing Medium U.S. Sizes: 8 x 10 inch JPEG and PDF files and 11 x 14 inch and 12 x 16 inch JPEG files.
  • 1 zip file containing Large U.S. sizes: 16 x 20 inch and 18 x 24 inch JPEG files.

Message me if you need files with white borders or different sizes.

DIY your artwork or upload to a printer and have it delivered to you.

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