Black & White Butterfly Diptych Wall Art Printables


Think of this butterfly diptych as a classic Italian designer tuxedo or little black dress - an effortless style that never fails you! And sooo much more affordable than designer gear. Featuring a bold shape and beautiful soft gray tones on a subtle canvas background, these butterfly wing prints look as great close up as they do from across the room.

I love redecorating as much as I love a good LBD, but I just don't have a lot of time to obsess over it.  If you're an over-booked workaholic like me (no, we should not be proud of this), affordable downloadable wall art sets are a great way to bring a lot of oomph to your space without a lot of expense and hand-wringing. Don't worry, I won't tell ;-)

This print set is available in 8x10 inch, A4, 12x16 inch and 16x20 inch files. DIY or send the files to an online printer.

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